Tips to Keep Your Landscaping Business Growing

Running a lawn care company takes work. You need to keep customers happy while offer great services in order to grow bigger. Here’s a few tips on how you can manage your business better over time so you can get more customers, get paid fast, and stay organized. 

Making Quotes Simpler

When landscaping customers ask for a price on lawn work, it’s important to give them quotes fast. But it takes time to write all the details from scratch each time. A better way is to make template quotes you can use again and again.

  1. Templates let you add your company logo and the services you offer and set prices so everything looks nice and professional. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every customer. Just fill in what they need, and you’re done.
  2. It’s also good to send quotes via email so customers can look at them on their phone or computer. Not everyone wants to wait for a printed page to be handed to them. Putting the quote in an email means they get all the information right away.
  3. You should follow up after sending quotes, too. Make a schedule to email or call customers a few days later and ask if they need anything else. Send friendly reminders like “Just checking in on your lawn care quote – let me know if you have any other questions!” This helps your company get the job.

Using well-designed templates, sending quotes by email, and following up consistently will help you win more business and spend more time doing what you enjoy – providing great lawn care services!

Keep Work Flowing for Your Crew

It’s hard to keep your lawn crew busy when jobs change at the last minute. When customers cancel or reschedule, someone has to call all the workers and update the plan. That wastes a lot of time!

A better way is to use online scheduling software. Put your schedule where everyone can see it. That way, when a job changes, your workers can check it and know what’s new.

Online schedules also let you easily drag appointments to different times when stuff comes up. If rain means canceling mows, you can reschedule with just a few clicks instead of calling the whole team.

You can also color code schedules to know who’s working on what. Maybe green jobs are mowing, and yellow jobs are cleanups. Or certain people get flagged in blue. That helps supervisors spot problems and stay on top of what’s happening each day. 

Using online scheduling keeps your lawn crew productive by giving everyone easy access to the latest plan. It saves time and hassle for your whole team when the schedule changes.

Staying In Touch With Customers

It’s important to let your customers know what’s happening with their lawn care. Good communication keeps them happy! Send messages before, during, and after jobs so clients always know what to expect.

  • A few days before mowing, send email reminders about when you’ll be at their house. Warn them if you need the yard to be empty of toys or furniture. Remind pet owners to keep Fluffy inside too. Customers like a heads-up to get ready.
  • On job days, text or call customers if you’re running late. Traffic or long lines at the fuel pump can slow you down. A quick message saves clients from waiting around outside. It also means they won’t think you forgot about their lawn!
  • When the job is done, send a message asking if customers are satisfied. Ask if they have any other questions. Taking time to follow up shows you care about quality work. It’s also a chance to spot future issues before customers complain.

Good communication at every step builds trust with customers and shows them that you are professional and care about their lawn care needs. Word-of-mouth is great advertising too, so keep customers happy with updated messages.

Getting Paid Should Be Easy

It’s important to get paid for your lawn care work. Talk with customers before starting a job about how they’ll pay you. You can choose cash or check, or use an app on your phone.

Cash is easy, but not safe to carry around. Checks can bounce or get lost in the mail. Phone apps like Venmo make it easy to get paid right from your phone. Have customers send money to you after you finish mowing their lawns.

Be sure to give receipts too. Write down the date, what work you did, and how much money they paid. Keep one copy for yourself and give one to the customer. Check receipts if money hasn’t come to prove the job was done.

Be nice about money questions if customers forget to pay. Send a reminder instead of getting mad. Make sure the money goes into your bank account correctly. If not, politely ask customers to fix it. Making payments simple helps you have more time to work on your business.

Keep Things Tidy So You Stay on Track

Juggling lots of customers means keeping paperwork organized. But piles of papers get messy fast! Then it’s hard to find what you need when customers call. It’s important to be efficient when running your lawn care business. Keep all your customer information, paperwork, and schedules together in one easy place.

  • Use lawn care software to see past work done, notes on customers’ estimates you gave, and invoices sent. Look up a customer’s whole history with your company in one spot.
  • Add details that matter to you, like gate codes or if dogs are present. Tag new leads so you know who wants work done soon.
  • Take pictures of customer lawns so you remember what they looked like. Add pictures to estimates, work tickets, and invoices too.
  • Make notes on jobs, customers, and bills. Note if someone is unhappy with work or says they will get more work soon.

Staying organized helps you and your crews do the best work. Customers like it when you know about their yard and remember what they said before. Using software means you have everything handy, so jobs go smoothly.

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