Scale your business and dominate your market

Have you maximized the power of a strong online presence? Do you have a consistent flow of new leads and customers that you can rely on? Start multiplying your business with our proven Landscaper Marketing Strategy.

84% of all local customers contact a business through its Google Profile.

Think about that number. If you’re not showing up when someone looks for a landscaper – how do you expect people to find you? Potential customers are searching online for a business like yours right now! If you’re not in these top 3 results, they’re calling your competitors.

As a local business owner, you know the importance of having an online presence, but might be wondering what will bring you:

  • More Traffic
  • Qualified Leads
  • People Ready To Sign Up Now

Thats why we’ve created the most tested and proven marketing strategy for Landscapers that is guaranteed to get results, FAST!

The Problem: Most landscapers don’t realize HOW MANY leads they are missing each day. Hundreds of local customers are searching for a landscaper right now. They are looking to speak to someone and receive a service you offer. But Google is only showing them the businesses that they think are best.

Our Solution: We convince Google that you are the best option and put your business front and center. No expensive ads, and no big marketing agency price tag. Just our 100% satisfaction guaranteed Landscaper Marketing program.

Increase Calls & Customers by Controlling Your Service Area

Watch our client go from receiving zero customers, to ranking #1 for their entire service area.

It Works For Landscapers Who Haven’t “Used Google Before”

Our strategy has completely transformed businesses in just a matter of weeks. We optimize your Google Business listing and motivate customers to get in touch with you NOW! Google is the King of customers – you just have to tap into its potential to multiply your business. Look at some of the results our customers are getting in their first months.

Your Landscape Marketing Strategy Includes:


More Visibility & Phone Calls.

Simply having a Google profile doesn’t cut it these days. You need to property optimize your profile in order to outrank your competitors. Doing so requires ongoing updates, changes and a technical plan of action. Let our team of local marketing specialists handle every step of the process so you can focus on doing what you do best!


Take Over the Top of Local Search

50% of the first page of Google is taken over by ads and your competition. In order to get to the top you need a tested and proven ranking campaign that can increase your visibility and build your brand. The top of Page 1 is highly coveted real estate – and you’ll see why when your phone is ringing off the hook.


Target Your Most Valuable Areas

Running a business out in the field is a lot different than running a physical storefront. And your marketing strategy has to match that. We need to teach Google your primary service areas so that you can rank for them. We do this by creating highly optimized pages for each of the most valuable towns you target.


Stay Front & Center with Fresh Content 

Consistently posting new content to your Google Profile is a surefire way to bring new traffic to your business. It allows you to engage new customers with information that motivate them to reach out and contact you. So many businesses fail to stay active online, making this an easy win over your competition.


More Reviews Equals More Customers.

Monitor, manage and improve your online reputation with tools designed to get you more reviews, a higher star rating, and a winning online reputation. Online reviews tell potential customers (and Google) that your business is worth their time. Let your happy customers do the selling for you by building trust in your area.


Local Exclusivity

A key benefit of using Landscape Launchpad for your marketing is our 5 Mile Protection Guarantee. You will have exclusive marketing rights to a 5 mile radius around your primary service area. This allows us to focus solely on your business and getting you the best possible results in your area.

Ready to take the next step for your business?

Join the hundreds of Lawn Care professionals that are getting more customers every day using Landscape Launchpad.